The first simulation game

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What is a simulation game?
A simulation game is a video game that simulates real-world or hypothetical situations and allows the player to experience and control events in a virtual environment. Simulation games can cover a wide range of topics, including city-building, flight simulation, military simulation, and more.

Some popular examples of simulation games include
"The Sims,"
"RollerCoaster Tycoon,"
"Euro Truck Simulator,"
"Farming Simulator."

The simulation games were created to provide the player with an experience that closely resembles the real-world situation being simulated, while also offering a level of control and customization.

What was the first simulation game name?
The first simulation game is widely considered to be "The Sumer Game," which was created in 1960 by Will Wright. The game was a simple simulation of economic systems and was played on mainframe computers. It laid the foundation for future simulation games and is considered a classic in the genre.

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