Tap Money Rain: legit or scam

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Tap Money Rain is just based on tapping. Where you collect a certain amount by tapping only.

So there you do nothing, just tap all day to get the minimum withdrawal amount.

How to game works?
A bundle of cash appears where you tap and collect the different currencies. And the currency changes each time.

Then your PayPal amount show which increases as you watch the ad videos. Tapping on money does not have any link to the ad or the amount you make for PayPal withdrawal.

Also, they have a VIP membership, for not showing ads. So you play the game without interfering. Do not know who love to play tapping game without interference. The game has nothing to attract in any way but they do have a VIP feature that only says no ad for paid users.

All your earned amount is paid through PayPal (as they claim). The amount starts from $300 and goes to $3000. There is one special withdraw of $100 for VIP members.

Fast cash out
They claim you can cash out in a day. But all those amounts will be converted into the lowest amount. Like $5000 will give you $10 and $10000 to $20.

Why do not they clear it as a PayPal gift card for all your virtual money?

Well, they have provided two email ids for any queries and feedback. None of them actually works. Even they don't exist.

Only PayPal cash is provided. First, you have to enter your correct PayPal email id. If you put it wrong the amount will go somewhere and you lose all of them.

Also, you have to log in regularly to keep your payment request in the queue. If you miss the activity, your payment request status will show "failure".

If you have experience with many cashback, reward programs, or even know PTC and GPT programs you will quickly find this game is just misleading the players.

Such terms which freeze your earned profit usually have no interest to pay to the member.

Like whatever the reason for not paying your amount, it shows that you were not logged in for a long time. But the reality is different.

Do not know if they even pay the fast cash which is $10 or $20 by converting the thousand of amount(which is actually a credit).

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