Puppy Town review

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Puppy Town - Merge & Win is a simple, merging game. Many similar games are based on the same concept for rewarding (earning by playing game), as they claim.

It is developed by MeetJoy Studio that has been active since 2020. It is listed under "casual" games and ranking high in several counties, also a very popular app with more than 50 million installations.

The game is very addictive and the graphics are also very attractive. According to its appearance, one will fall in love immediately and return to gain more money. Of course, money is the main reason that a player wants to play this game again.

  1. Merge the puppies
  2. Free raffle
  3. Prize center
  4. Lucky puppy

Merging a pet will give you money, sounds funny? For some, it is an easy task to get quick money or rewards. Merge the number 1 puppy with number 1, then it becomes number 2 puppy. And then merge it with the number 2 puppy to upgrade it into 3.

Initially, you will get a large amount and gradually the earning amount will decrease. As per their rules, you have to reach the minimum withdrawal amount which is $200. (Very big amount, right?)

Those have a large amount for withdrawal, mostly they don't pay it. (according to our experiences)

They also have other gifts for the players. Like getting a ticket/coupon for the draw. Another is lucky wheel to win the number of different gadgets. These require you to have enough credit which can be earned by watching ads.

Cons: A lot of ads, consume battery power

Because the app is well designed and seems very promising, we have to wait for the proof. We can see the amount of withdrawal is in doubt. Currently in doubt.

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