Swipe To Blast review

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Swipe To Blast is a very simple game where the player merges the same number and gets rewards. Score high and the difficulty increases.

How does it work?
The game is very simple. You have to match the same number and it counts. Merge the three numbers and get rewards.

Initial stage earning rewards are quick and the amount is high too. As you reach the large numbers to match, your start receiving a low amount of money.

All the amount is based on an ad view. So the ad will appear each time you match the number, [or it is programmed to show ads every few seconds].

The game claims to pay a really high amount through PayPal or Amazon gift card. This is really a great sign for most the experienced internet users to know the legitimacy of the app.
The minimum amount is $1000
Through PayPal and Amazon Gift Card.

Cons: A lot of ads, consume battery

Players records
The game has nothing many settings/features to record the members earned coins. When a player plays he just looks for the amount earned and requires to redeem it. As the game is very easy, every single guy would like to try.

It does not store the player's detail. So how they keep rewards if players get a break and uninstall. And then came back to play it again. Possible this is their policy of rewards.

We all have experience with the PTC (Paid To Click) and other activity programs which pay. All are based on the ad view concept where the owner shares the revenue. We are very clear about the PTC but the gaming reward system is not yet clear for many of us.

It actually earns money through showing ads and a small part of it is shared with the members. So the game (Swipe To Blast) does show a lot of ads every few seconds and we expect to get some revenue from it.

When you reach the minimum amount of redeeming as per their terms, you put the PayPal email ID. So you can get the amount directly there.

Here we see the error that the app is not well developed or just did not care about it.

  1. You can not enter the PayPal email ID because the "@" sign is not shown.
  2. It asks to enter the email ID and again here the "@" sign is not shown.

So true to be real. Usually, $50-$100 takes a lot of time and effort but the game here claims to pay a bigger amount for just giving your precious time.
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