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Today we are going to talk about the Hunter skill, this one is one of the greatest skills for making money in OSRS; also don’t need any requirements only time and dedication which we all have a lot.

It’s one of the most complicated non-combat skills though it offers some wonderfully fun adventures and objectives. We are going to be mostly setting up traps for a bunch of monster. These traps and methods change for each monster!

So here is my leveling guide for you guys; I know believe me it really pays off, also this method is really dynamic and I think the fastest one.
Lets have some fun!
Levels 1-9

This part is simple. All you have to do is go to the Varrock museum basement and answer all the questions at the exhibits. This takes only a few minutes and also gets you to level 9 slayer. Once this step is completed, you're already on your way to become a hunter master.
Levels 9-43

If you have access to the Fairy Ring transport system (you are really going to want it, to train this skill!) use the code “akq” to head to the Piscatoris Hunt or just buy a Piscatoris Hunt Teleport at the Grand exchange.
Bird snares.


You’ll be catching Copper longtails from level 9-43 but don’t worry you won’t be only catching birds ; each copper longtails give you: Bones, one raw bird meat and orange feathers.
Ruby Harvest Butterfly


This one’s unlock at level 15 so meanwhile you set 2 traps at level 20 for Copper longtails you can catch butterflies for an exp boost; each butterfly fills up one bottle then you can release them.
Deadfall trap

To use this trap you will need one axe, a knive and some logs.
At level 23 you can set up one deadfall trap for wild kebbit and one Bird Snare for copper longtails, also keep using the Butterflies net to never stop hunting!


Once you reach level 30 you can set 2 traps for Copper longtails and one deadfall trap this believe me will give you a lot of Exp./H. Do the same with Prickly Kebbits at level 37.
Level 43-63


Falconry is a Hunter practice. It requires a minimum level of 43 Hunter (can be boosted). Players can hunt for spotted kebbits, dark kebbits and dashing kebbits with their gyr falcon. They are often hunted for good experience and their fur, which can be taken to the Fancy Dress Shop in Varrock to make spotted capes, gloves of silence and spottier capes, respectively.

To enter the Falconer area, hunters are required to pay Matthias a fee of 500 coins to rent a Gyr falcon and a Falconer's glove, which are required to catch kebbits. Note that to enter the area, the player must have both hands free and can't unequip the gloves while inside the area. Once caught, the kebbit will drop bones and fur.


This method I must say is way faster than any other well at least for me was like that, the Exp rate is really good and the time spent here is really short.
Is piscatoris Hunter area we can find
Box Traps


At level 63 Hunter, you can start catching red chinchompas. Red chinchompas have a fairly stable price because of their high demand for powertraining Ranged. However, while profitable, the experience and profit are very low below 80 Hunter, so it can be worthwhile to train with faster methods to 80 Hunter and start hunting red chinchompas when the player can place 5 traps at a time.


You will profit about 80m from red chinchompas depending on the current market price, from level 63 to 99. If you choose to only farm red chinchompas.


Black Chinchompas At level 73, you can hunt black chinchompas instead, which provide much more profit and an additional trap can be set. However, they reside in level 32-36 Wilderness and is a popular player killing hotspot. For low levels, it is recommended to bring the best melee armour possible, while higher levels should prioritize on magical defence. It should not be too hard to teleport out as it is very close to the level 30 teleport line. You may do a profit of 120m mor or less by catching black chinchompas to level 99.
Concluding Tips

As you guys may had seem, this is a really easy way to level up hunter, following this guide and doing some hard work you can get level 60 in less than 3 days!

Altought there are some other monsters that gives more Exp this guide is ment to get us to Chinchompas as soon as possible
Also is you combat level is really low you can farm at the wildy without getting Pk’d.

Once you reach the required level to farm Chinchompas make sure to do the Eagle’s Peak quest so you can set Box Traps.

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