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What is your opinion about new game Apex Legends?
Apex Legends is the newest first-person Battle Royale online game which can be developed by Respawn Entertainment. Apex Legends is usually the first Battle Suprême from EA sports in addition to in a single or perhaps if its release typically the game has reached 12 million players and checking. This game named since apex legends has recently been released on three programs at the same moment android, windows, and Macs. Xbox one, laptop or computer in addition to PS4 will be the three significant platform where it provides been released.

This variation game is super flexible smooth and has many attractive features to make the game look more genuine and adventurous. This is a varied Battle Royale game and has many thriving things to do like swinging rope, slope slides and jumping over the walls.

In recent years we have seen Battle Royale games are the most played games across the globe and as of now PUBG and Fortnite are King of Battle Royale Games, So we can hope Apex Legends will be as successful as these games.

Apex Legends is a free to play Battle Royale fighter game where legendary shooters team up to battle for fortune and fame. The Gameplay of Apex Shooter is amazing with extremely high graphics which gives ultimate experience during Play.

Legends with abilities. Maybe i can say i liked this because i play dota a lot, since pubg and fortnite didn’t have heroes with unique capabilities i was immediately attached to apex legends

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