Best pc browsers for flash gaming

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Although people have their own choices for the browser for all their need, a list of browsers can be build for best flash gaming.
There are many people who love Chrome and others Firefox for the same game. It also depend on you OS for browser performance.

Considered by many people suitable for hardware resources and dealing with javascript.

However it's loading time is longer than Chrome, games run smoothly as on Chrome. Some games keep crashing or unplayable, Add-Ons can speed up browsing and gaming experience.

It is faster than Chrome according to apple's statement. However, you may hear about the browser crashing during certain games. If you play on Mac, Safari should be your first choice.

Internet Explorer
This is slower than other browsers and never mentioned. New version is said to be best to play flash games and faster browsing experience. IE 8 is not recommended IE 11, on other hand is much more compatible with games.
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