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River crossing iq game for mobile phone
River Crossing IQ game is logic game. Your task is here to help the character in the game crossing the river.

It has 30+ levels and regularly updated.
Device: Windows Phone, iOS, Android
Facebook page - @rivercrossingiq

Solutions for this game : http://www.gpway.net/Thread-How-to-pour-out-four-litter-of-beer-within-10-times-of-pouring

Google play store

Apple store
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Front line commando for mobile game
If you like action game you will find commando games mostly on searching.

Frontline Commando: D-Day
It is free to play. Install free and you are able to pay real money for extra items.

Good graphic, easy control.

Google play store

Apple store
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Simulation game after sims free play
Best is simulation category. You would like to have this game than other train/plain simulation game for everyday play.

Engage yourself in digital world with SIMs Free Play.
You build virtual city and daily tasks like everyday need and jobs and entertainment.
It is hard to designing a game so all games are not perfect even this one. Some times it feel to have more options on activity.

Like in dance bar you have option to drink and dance with partner. It's not cool for many of you.

Which woul
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Minethings free online game
Online game where you mine things.

It free to start and instantly you go. 

(Everything is now covered in the thick, silty soil that the eruption left behind. Almost immediately upon arrival, people start to dig.

You are one of these survivors and have been given your own plot of land to mine. You will mine this land night and day, uncovering what ancient civilization has left behind.)

You may find it difficult to start there you see nothing like other action/simulation games have. No
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Every town farming game
Farming game for android mobile for everyday play and tasks. This is another best game for who like SIM game or other simulation games.

EveryTown is a casual game where you are a farmer.

It runs on high-speed internet connection. If you have a slow connection it would not open.
Always has updates so better you save data by using social media account. Facebook/Google+...
Has large file.
You can visit frien
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How to solve river crossing iq game
River crossing IQ puzzle game is one of the most searchable game every day, as the survey says.
People love to play this game.

How to solve the first level of River Crossing IQ game..
1st level is easy you can try it yourself and get to know this game has really a good puzzle game where most of people had negative review on google play store when they find themselves unable to find solution.

First level, where you can try taking wolf/sheep/cabbage one by one because there is no much opti
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Heavy Truck simulation game
This another truck driving game on google play store available.
You would need to clear space for this if you have already many games on your phone.
File size is 300+MB
Battery dry soon, so this is what you need to know before downloading this game.

No negative review for this.

This is offline game and no score you get for all. You earn virtual money only to buy new truck and experience driving it.

[Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=heY15R5nBgQ]
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Dr. driving game - just drive the car
This is one of the best driving game. It is not racing, but driving game.
You get a car and drive on the road. Change the lane, and use blinkers on turn to get points.
Good graphic and control.

You can drive buses, truck and cars. One car and one truck is your by default.
Some of cars are only for rent. Means you can get those cars and drive for limited times and some are to purchase by virtual currency or real currency for gold.

Online competition is available. This will reward you gol
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See what is the solution of this math puzzle game
Here is question to solve.
Question is to solve the puzzle. It was in the math puzzle game and the answer is what most of people could not solve.
See below.

[Image: http://i.imgur.com/pOkWGbK.png]
What is the answer in "?"

[Image: http://i.imgur.com/wXpcgb4.png]
Hint: It is not "6"

[Image: http://i.imgur.com/4KKhaK6.png]
Answer is "R"
R for reverse gear in the car.

[Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s2e5057jElI]
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Some online virtual games
Most people like virtual world unlike others to play racing and puzzle games.
Virtual worlds are similar to real world. You do almost every tasks there as in real life.

These virtual games are not in discussion because there are lots of games and all we have smart phone. No much space one can play a game for whole year. There are other reasons why virtual games are not in discussion.

Also read Minethings free online game

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