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How to upgrade steam? - berettathunderbird - 01-09-2019

Hello guys
I have recently purchased steam Gift Card 50 USD from and now I'm about to setup steam on PC, my own question is how to upgrade my steam account as it is showing need to upgrade your steam account and I have these in my menu options-
[Image: img_5add411e5541b.jpg]

RE: How to upgrade steam? - johnthan - 01-10-2019

Steam Protects your account with two-tier security. Here the image you have shared is about the way to protect your account whenever you log in to your steam account. You can choose anyone from these three, where the third is not recommended by steam.

Mobile authentication: you have to install Steam on your smartphone to verify it is you.
Email: code will be sent each time to your email id whenever you use new device or browser to login into steam.

The question you have asked is about upgrading your Steam account and not the security purpose.
So, for that, you need to upgrade the account. Steam has the restriction as you have noticed that all features are not given to you. To avail the features, you need to upgrade your account.

According to steam you need to spend at least $5 USD within the store. Some of the examples are: adding $5 USD or equivalent to the steam wallet. purchasing game which is equal to $5 USD or more, adding steal wallet card, purchasing Steam gift from Steam store...(receiving a steam gift from a friend is not counted)